The company Král Parket, s. r. o., was established only in 2014, but follows in the footsteps of an entrepreneur who founded a sawmill in the village of Nechvalín shortly after 1989. Our company deals with the processing of whole timber into sawn timber and parquet blocks as well as with the production of parquets, industrial flooring mosaics, rustic boards, flooring panels, laths, etc.

We make our products from various woods – oak, ash, forest nut, cherry, maple, acacia … We are aware of the fact that the final effect of a floor depends on its surface appearance and, therefore, we produce boards with various surface treatments, such as UV and natural oils, varnishes, fine or rough brushing, scraping, bevelled edges along the short and long sides, etc. We also offer a large number of colour shades for surface treatments. Thanks to our modern production equipment and technology, we are able to make practically any requested shade of floor colour.

We also react to news in the market, and therefore offer floors suitable for the installation of underfloor heating.

Our company not only produces wooden floors but also provides their installation. This is based on our professionalism. We guarantee our work and our products from start to finish.

Contact us with a request for implementation and we will be glad to attend to your needs. We are able to supply any dimensions and can offer floors at very attractive prices.